Let’s start extracting shale gas!

Extracting shale gas by Cuadrilla Resources

Do you agree that the Netherlands should start extracting shale gas as soon as possible?

Votes: 871

 24.9% (217 votes)
No, because it is still unclear which risks are attached to shale gas extraction and how much it will yield.

 25.4% (221 votes)
No, because shale gas extraction will put the brakes on the transition to a sustainable energy system.

 24% (209 votes)
Yes, because the Netherlands will be needing gas for a long period and having our own gas production will decrease our dependence on other countries.

 25.7% (224 votes)
Yes, because the Netherlands has the knowledge that is needed to extract shale gas in a responsible manner and it would strengthen our position on the gas market.


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