Six European energy programmes launched

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA), in which European energy research organisations align their activities, has launched six new research programmes. These programmes were launched during the SET Plan Conference in Warsaw late November. Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament,  repeated the urgency of energy and climate problems and called for investment in energy research, as “visions without funds will remain visions forever”. Conference participants welcomed results achieved by EERA so far, with Mr Raffaele Liberali, Director of the European Commission’s Directorate-General Research, stating that “today, EERA is a success story”.

By joining forces, energy research organisations in Europe can accelerate the development of low-carbon technologies and prevent doublings in research activities in Europe. Such an efficient and effective approach is needed to realise the ambitious European climate and energy targets. Over 2000 researchers from more than 150 organisations are currently involved in EERA, jointly representing investments amounting to over 200 million euros. ECN is one of the partners in EERA, coordinating the research programme on solar energy and participating in five other programmes. Ton Hoff, the previous chairman of the Management Board of ECN, was the first chairman of EERA.

New themes
The first plans of EERA are currently being translated into results. The themes of the newly started programmes are:
•    Concentrated solar power
•    Tidal and wave energy
•    Fuel cells and hydrogen
•    ‘Smart cities’
•    Energy storage
•    Advanced materials and processes for energy applications

Seven joint programmes had already been launched. Today, the thirteen EERA programmes cover all the thematic areas as defined in the Strategic Energy technology Plan (SET PLAN) of the EU, which was launched to accelerate the development of energy technology.

More information on the programmes can be found on the website of EERA.