Robert Kleiburg

Positioning the Netherlands in the global top 5 of knowledge economies with applicable, innovative technology and optimally profitable (sustainable) energy; from the viewpoint of top sector policy, these are important drivers for businesses and industry. Trade and industry are taking the wheel in steering the demand for research and application. ECN is actively dedicated to offering its knowledge and technology to the service of economy and society.

The fiscal package for innovation in trade and industry will be expanded: next to the existing WBSO (R&D Promotion Act) and the Innovation Box, two new schemes will be introduced: the RDA and RDA+, i.e. the Research and Development Deduction. It will give the Netherlands a stronger fiscal innovation package that should make it more beneficial for companies to invest in R&D.

ECN is actively involved in shaping the top sector policy. We are member of the ‘Regieteam Energie’, we are present at all innovation tables that are relevant to ECN and hence involved in the drafting of the various innovation contracts that will be closed between trade and industry, government and knowledge institutes. Of particular importance to ECN are the top sectors energy, chemical industry and high-tech systems and materials. These are important in the coming years for taking big steps in technology development and deployment in the fields of solar PV, offshore wind, bio-energy, energy efficiency in the industry, energy saving in the built environment and smart grids.

To ECN, the needs and expectations of businesses, including SMEs, are leading for our research and for our working method. ‘How can we best serve you in the deployment of sustainable energy technology?’, is the question that we will be asking our clients. ECN does not do this alone, but collaborates closely with other R&D organisations. Fine-tuning with other European energy R&D organisations is done through the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA). The European road maps serve as guide and ‘industrial advisory committees’ are part of the governance structure. This way, trade and industry have direct access to an international R&D infrastructure through ECN. On top of this, we are also highly successful in acquiring European funds and are able to conduct a larger and broader research programme together with our partners and clients.

Welcome to ECN!

Robert Kleiburg