Green gas can be extracted through digestion of wet biomass, but also through digestion of waste wood and prunings. For the latter method, ECN developed the MILENA technology on laboratory scale. To turn this into a market-ripe technology, ECN is building a demo plant together with waste company HVC.

Read more about the MILENA gasification technology

The share of green gas in our energy mix can increase significantly, but this will require innovation. To create the required space for this, ECN is setting up an Expertise Centre for Biomass Gasification together with partners. There will be equipment, a laboratory, a hall for experiments, the requires licenses and expertise available.

Combined heat and power generation produces heat and electricity at the same time, often with gas. This can help realise energy savings in households, greenhouse horticulture and industry. ECN was a founding father of small-scale CHP systems and advises governments and businesses on how they can incentivise the use of CHP.

Read a recent policy analysis for CHP and heat pump technologies.

Shale gas is an unconventional type of gas that can be extracted from shale layers. Is it safe to extract shale gas? Is it necessary? ECN is mapping the relevant factors to arrive at a well-considered choice.

View a presentation of Jeroen de Joode on shale gas.

The Netherlands wants to become the centre of future gas flows in Europe. This is possible thanks to our favourable geographical position and large/strong expertise in the field of gas. ECN is engaged in discussions with the ministry to calculate the infrastructure that is needed to realise this ambition.

In the future, traditional natural gas will be blended with new types of gas that have different chemical characteristics. What will be required from technology, infrastructure and use? These are the questions that ECN is exploring together with others in the research programme Energy Delta Gas.

Visit the website of the programme.