Join us, Shell!

Thursday November 28, 2013 11:47

In the latest edition of Shell Venster, Shell’s magazine for relations, ECN’s CEO Paul Korting calls on the company to not only join the thinking process on the transition to sustainable energy, but to actively participate in it.

After 2030, the energy transition will evolve rapidly, anticipates Korting. Societies will be adjusted to the generation and deployment of sustainable energy. ‘The transition is going to materialise.’ Shell would do well to investigate how it could play a meaningful role in the world of sustainable energy. An example could be the conversion into gas of electricity that has been generated by solar or wind and for which there is no immediate destination, Korting explains. He calls on Shell to revoke the decision to focus solely on fossil fuels: ‘Don’t just think along; join us'.

Read the interview (in Dutch)

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