Get a grip on your dust

Tuesday November 26, 2013 11:42

A continuous real-time view of the emergence and movements of clouds of dust even in the remote corners of your site and in the dark; that is what ECN’s new dust monitoring system is able to do. It enables you to intervene immediately if needed and hence prevent nuisance to the surroundings. In the longer term, it offers an accurate and fact-based overview of particulate matter emissions, including the emissions caused by both your own activities and the activities of other parties. Such detailed insight is highly relevant for storage and transhipment companies, construction companies and other businesses where fugitive clouds of particulate matter are emitted. The dust monitoring system of ECN can offer these businesses an excellent basis for their license to operate.

Transhipment of coal at Rietlanden Terminals (photo: Rietlanden terminals).

Optical sensors

Particulate matter measurements are done with optical sensors which have been adjusted to reach extreme accuracy and and reliability. ECN installs a network of these sensors around a business area and maintains them. These sensors measure the real time amount and size of these particles in the air. A dispersion model makes predictions based on the measuring data. All these data are presented in a practical, visual interface. 

Bulk transhipment

The first user of ECN’s particulate matter monitoring system is Rietlanden Terminals B.V., a transhipment company for dry bulk located in the port of Amsterdam. ECN arranges the installation and takes care of the maintenance of the system, while Rietlanden uses the data. Sjaak Stengs, environmental manager at Rietlanden Terminals BV: ‘Our terminals are located close to companies that process cocoa and coffee. Obviously they do not want coal dust in their produce! We are doing everything in our power to prevent the dust from spreading. But we want to be 100 per cent sure. ECN’s dust monitoring system gives us that certainty. Now we can detect all dust dispersions in detail and act immediately if necessary.’

ECN is meanwhile talking to various other, interested parties inside and outside the Netherlands.

Would you like to know more about ECN's dust monitoring system? Bas van Bree will gladly give your more information. Give him a call at +31 (0)6-22711515.

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