Workshop invitation: "Electrification of the Chemical Industry"

Monday May 4, 2015 11:16

TNO and ECN would like to invite you to the workshop 'Electrification of the Chemical Industry’ that will take place on Thursday, May 28th. The goal is to bring together companies from the chemical industry, the energy sector, equipment manufacturers and knowledge infrastructure to address the use of sustainable energy in the chemical sector. In addition, TNO and ECN will present their roadmap on how existing and future technologies can impact the use of electricity in the chemical industry.

Why is this relevant? With more solar and wind energy being produced, sustainable electricity supply in North West Europe is constantly increasing. This can offer great opportunities for the Chemical Industry! The supply of sustainable energy can bring reductions in energy costs, but it can also offer numerous opportunities for the development of new, high-value products. 

The power industry is exceptionally interested in this topic as it can help them overcome the issues caused by fluctuations in electricity supply. This creates great potential to establish a frontrunner position, especially in areas where the chemical industry and the energy sector come together, as new wind capacity is planned at locations where extensive infrastructure is present, such as the Rhine and Eems Delta. 

What shall I expect from this event? The morning session will start with talks on strategic aspects given by leading speakers from relevant sectors. This will be followed by inspiring pitches from specialists on the opportunities offered by the electrification of the Chemical Industry and the presentation of the roadmap. During the afternoon session we will ask for your active contribution to form concrete project ideas within the program lines Power-2-Heat, Power-2-Hydrogen, Power-2-Chemicals and Power-2-Integrate (system approach & high-level roadmap). Click here for more information on the agenda and the speakers. 

In short: An ambitious program for the partners that realize the fascinating, sustainable market opportunities that can arise when chemical companies, energy suppliers, equipment manufacturers and knowledge partners join their forces. 

Please let us know whether you will join us on Thursday, 28 May at the RDM campus in Rotterdam! The deadline for registration is May 21th.

Category: Corporate, Energy efficiency