Wind farms can increase power production up to 5 per cent with Active Wake Control

Thursday November 28, 2013 11:00

Increasing electricity production by 0.5 to 5 per cent and lowering the maintenance costs by 3 per cent; that is what ECN’s Active Wake Control system can do for wind farms. This is the outcome of various tests conducted among others at ECN’s test site in Wieringermeer.

Wake control

Active Wake Control reduces the wake effects that wind turbines have on each other. Turbines that are lined up in a row deliver 100 per cent output and their axes and blades experience a 100% load. When wind turbines are placed behind each other, the output is reduced with 40 to 50 per cent. And due to the wake effect, the load on the turbine increases with 10 to 15 per cent, causing the maintenance costs to increase proportionally.

Turning a few degrees

Active Wake Control turns the position of the rotor blades and the nacelle of the front turbine a few degrees, thus reducing the wake effect. The turbines that are positioned behind the front turbine are thus able to produce more output at a lower load. ECN has patented this system and is now looking for a launching partner to test it at a large wind farm, preferably at sea.

Are you interested in Active Wake Control? ECN’s Haico van der Heijden is happy to bring you up to date. Give him a call at +31 (0)6 13066130.

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