Top 3 publications

Friday October 9, 2015 14:44

1. National Energy Report 2015

The increasing sustainability of the energy supply in the Netherlands is at a turning point. That is the conclusion of the National Energy Report 2015 presented by ECN Friday. This report describes the energy transition and the expected developments up to 2030. Discover what the energy situation is in the Netherlands and what must be done to achieve the objectives of the Energy Agreement. 

The report 2015 was drawn up in cooperation with the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. 

2. European Pre-Standard for Biobased Carbon Content 

To reduce dependence on fossil fuels, Europe intends to transition to a biobased economy. This trend makes it ever more relevant to accurately distinguish between fossil-based products and biobased alternatives. In the KBBPPS project a method has been developed to determine the biobased carbon content of product. Interlaboratory tests have now been started to determine the reliability of the method. Once these have been completed, the method will be published as an official European standard. 

3. Dynamic adaptation of active wake control (in Engels)

Active Wake Control is an approach of operating wind farms in such a way as to maximize the overall wind farm power production. It consists of two concepts: pitch-based Active Wake Control (called Heat & Flux), and yaw-based Active Wake Control (called Controlling Wind). ECN holds patents for both approaches. This report describes the effects of time-variations in the wind speed and direction on the benefits from Actice Wake Control, and provides recommendations on how to implement Active Wake Controle in the field. 

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