Top 3 publications

Friday January 9, 2015 15:29

We document our latest insights in research reports and presentations. We have compiled a ‘Must Read’ list of the top three publications for you.

1. Towards 2030 – a secure gas supply 
This report identifies the recent trends in gas consumption and the import dependence of twelve EU member states. Methods for improving the potentially insecure gas supply in the short and long term up to 2030 have been investigated. The potential contribution of renewable energy and energy efficiency has been included in this analysis.

Download the report

2. Energy Trends 2014
Which domestic appliances consume the most energy? And how much energy do companies consume? You can discover the answers to these questions and more in Energy Trends 2014, a joint publication of ECN, Energie-Nederland and Netbeheer Nederland. Figures and developments are presented in a clear and coherent overview in Energy Trends 2014. 

View the energy trends online or download the report (in Dutch)

3. Sustainable landfill management; how can we protect the soil?
The adage ‘isolate, manage, control’ (Dutch: IBC) for the management of landfills will be challenged. A ten-year experiment is supposed to prove that innovative and sustainable landfill management is possible without environmental and hygienic risks. This is part of the sustainable landfill management Green Deal, which the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and the landfill industry are expected to commit to at the beginning of next year.

Download the report (in Dutch)

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