The power of Dutch-Sino cooperation

Tuesday March 24, 2015 09:23

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte today witnessed the signing of two strategic deals designed to strengthen Sino-Dutch relations on sustainable energy solutions. ECN, Dahlman Renewable Technologies (DRT), Jiangsu Antai New Energy Technology (JAE) and the Jingjiang Municipal People’s Government are embarking on a strategic cooperation with the first goal of demonstrating biomass gasification of local straw to generate ‘green power’ in Jingjiang City, just outside of Shanghai in 2016.

Jingjiang City is focused on advancing the development of sustainable urban development and keen to encourage ‘green energy’.    “We are delighted to leverage the learnings of such leading Dutch institutions as Dahlman and ECN and are looking forward to a fruitful relationship” said Dr Ni Bin, Mayor People’s Government of Jingjiang City.   ECN works on a broad range of innovations to make the bio-based economy sustainable and economically viable.  ECN’s ‘Milena and Olga’ technology is based on thermal gasification, where solid biomass or waste is converted into gaseous components. The process generates green gas for use in an engine, turbine, or boiler.   ECN has licensed Milena and Olga technology to renewable technology front-runner Dahlman and the two parties work together to further implementation.  “ECN and Dahlman have complementary skills and expertise : by working together, we accelerate innovation in gasification and share the benefits of pushing the boundaries for sustainable  growth” explained Frank Egas, Chief Executive Officer of Dahlman. 

ECN first came into contact with Jingjiang and JAE in 2014 and negotiations have been developing rapidly ever since.  A visit by JAE to the Dahlman run operation in Tondela, Portugal in December helped seal the deal.  “It was impressive to see the facility in Portugal but of course our ideal scale for the Chinese market is much larger and we are looking forward to working on this project together”, said Chen Guochong, Chairman of Jingsu Antai New Energy.

“This is really the best example that I can think of where collaboration between new and existing Sino-Dutch partners is working to mutual advantage at the very forefront of green energy innovation.  ECN has been active in China for a couple of years now and I’m never ceased to be amazed by the speed and variety of opportunity this country offers for Dutch enterprise” concluded Robert Kleiburg, COO ECN.   

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