Storm: excellent day for wind energy

Thursday November 28, 2013 11:48

On 28 October, when the Netherlands was hit by a heavy storm, about one quarter of the electricity came from wind energy, estimates Peter Eecen of ECN. On BNR Nieuwsradio, he explains how wind turbines respond to extreme wind speeds.

At wind force 10 the turbines automatically switch off. Once the wind speed decreases, the turbines switch back on again. The wind turbines switch off because they cannot handle extreme wind speeds. They could be built more sturdily, but the costs of this do not outweigh the additional yield of a few hours of storm per year. Despite the interruptions, all wind turbines operate maximally on a stormy day. All Dutch wind turbines have jointly probably produced about 2500 Megawatt of continuous power. This is significantly higher than a regular day’s output.

Listen to the audio fragment (in Dutch)

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