Stakeholders see opportunities for higher-profile ECN

Monday March 2, 2015 14:34

ECN technology is used all over the world in order to make energy management more sustainable. So you could say that responsible enterprise is part of the company’s DNA. In mid-January, ECN entered into dialogue with stakeholders on the subject of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). What are we doing well and what can we do better?

One of those participating in the stakeholder dialogue was Sven Drillenburg Lelijveld. He is the Market Development Manager at UTZ Certified and is active in the field of sustainability. “I have been following ECN for years, from a business perspective but also in a private capacity, as the chairman of a local energy cooperative. I think the stakeholder dialogue on ECN’s CSR policy is a valuable initiative.” As well as Sven, around ten other stakeholders were invited, all of whom are involved with the work of ECN in different ways. 

Knowledge as the basis
Chaired by Rob van Tilburg, a leading professional in the field of sustainability, we discussed with the stakeholders what they expected from ECN in terms of CSR. “ECN’s role in energy transition is clear,” explains Sven Drillenburg Lelijveld. “As a research institute, ECN facilitates energy transition through knowledge. This means that customers can deal with energy more efficiently, and produce in a cleaner and more sustainable manner. ECN is doing a good job in this respect.” 

Visibility in public debate
Stakeholders see opportunities primarily from ECN being more visible in society. Sven Drillenburg Lelijveld says, “ECN does not have to confine itself to publishing reports for customers or public sector bodies - it can also play a more high-profile role in society. ECN’s customers often look favourably upon energy transition. However, there are also parties that are attempting to hold back energy transition. ECN should take a more prominent position in the public debate and thereby reduce resistance against the necessary energy transition, but obviously in a way that is appropriate to an expert and impartial party such as ECN. It could be compared to the Netherlands Institute for Social Research or Statistics Netherlands. Using factual information, you can contribute to the public debate and make better use of the knowledge in your organisation for the benefit of society.” 

ECN’s CSR policy
Organising a stakeholder dialogue is part of ECN’s CSR policy. It helps the organisation to be open and transparent regarding the choices that are made in relation to People, Planet and Profit. In all its activities, ECN seeks to achieve economic success with added value for society, the environment, and its employees.

Read more about CSR at ECN on our website.

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