PV panels with integrated batteries being developed

Friday March 4, 2016 12:48

In January of 2016 the TKI project LiBat4PV has started. In this project a PV panel with an integrated, thin film battery will be developed.

The new battery can be integrated seamlessly at the rear side of the PV panel. With a thickness of approximately 1 mm, it will not add to the size or weight of the module. Thus, it can be installed on rooftops just as ordinary PV panels.

Use of thin layers of silicon
In order to achieve the required storage capacity in such thin batteries, a new anode material, silicon, will be introduced. Silicon has the potential of a ten-fold higher storage capacity than the commonly used graphite, but it has the drawback of large volume expansion when loaded with lithium. In order to deal with the volume expansion, thin layers of silicon with a very large surface area will be prepared within the project.

Storage of daily produced electricity
The purpose of the battery is to store a part of the daily electricity produced by the PV panel. This will enable a more even consumption of electricity over the day. For households, local storage will allow for larger 'self-consumption' of solar electricity and a decrease of feed of electricity into the grid. Larger self-consumption by households is necessary to keep the costs of the grid affordable with an increasing number of rooftop solar panels.

The project consortium consists of: ECN-Solliance, MeyerBurger, TU Delft, RIMAS and EuroSupport.

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