Prestigious Poul la Cour Prize awarded to Jos Beurskens!

Tuesday April 15, 2008 15:31

The Poul la Cour prize was awarded to Jos Beurskens on April 3rd, 2008 during the closing session of the European Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition 2008 (EWEC). The prize was presented to him by the EU Commissioner for Science and Research, Janez Potočnik. Awarded annually by the EWEA, this is the most prestigious award in the field of wind energy. It is presented to people who have been exceptionally important for the growth of the wind energy ‘industry’ in Europe, such as key researchers and innovative captains of industry.

During the presentation of the prize, it was revealed that Jos Beurskens was not only present at the birth of wind energy in the Netherlands and Europe, but also fed the baby, changed its diapers and ensured it grew successfully. The result can be seen in the landscape.

During his studies, Jos started with the development of windmills for developing countries. In Zambia and on the Cape Verde Islands, he worked on water-pumping windmills. Back in the Netherlands, Jos then became involved in the first National Research Programmes for Wind Energy as the Business Unit Leader for ECN's Sustainable Energy Business Unit. The unit Wind Energy later evolved from this unit. Jos is currently Scientific Director of the offshore WE@remove-this-part-SEA wind energy program and works as a senior researcher and project manager at ECN Wind Energy.

Jos has had a major influence on numerous research programmes of the European Union and research institutes in Germany. He has co-founded various national and European wind energy organisations and still plays a crucial role in the development of research programmes.

In short, the prize is deservedly awarded to a modest man from the Dutch province Limburg. During his acceptance speech he mentioned that he still has not forgotten Africa. Jos hopes to complete the circle in the future by devoting himself once again to improving the living conditions of people there.

Jos Beurskens (left) with European Commissioner Janez Potočnik

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