PDENH and ENGIE new partners in biomass energy plant Ambigo Alkmaar

Thursday February 16, 2017 14:07

A positive decision by the Investment Fund Sustainable Economy North-Holland (PDENH) and ENGIE to become partners represents one of the last steps towards the creation of Ambigo, a unique and innovative biomass gasification plant in Alkmaar. Gasunie New Energy, Royal Dahlman and ECN had already given the research and demonstration project the green light. It is expected that, from 2018, the research and demonstration facility can be used to convert residual flows of biomass, such as waste wood, very efficiently into green gas.

Ambigo is a research and demonstration facility where three innovative Dutch technologies (MILENA, OLGA and ESME), invented by ECN, are being combined for the first time ever into an industrial process for producing green gas. Together they ensure that different types of biomass can be converted very efficiently into green gas in the installation. 

Converting waste streams into green gas
There is an important role for biomass in a sustainable energy supply. If biomass is used efficiently, it is first converted into high-quality products such as medicines, foodstuffs and green chemicals. This is followed by transport fuels, energy and heating. This process reduces our waste streams and, at the same time, generates green gas. 

First to use InVesta at Energy Innovation Park
Ambigo will be based at Alkmaar's Energy Innovation Park and will be the first company to use the facilities of InVesta, a centre of expertise for biomass gasification and green gas. InVesta provides assistance to organisations and companies carrying out practical research into biomass gasification technology. It is Alkmaar's aim to develop into an international expertise hub on this site.

For more information about the role of ECN in the Ambigo project, please contact Mark Overwijk via our contact form.

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