Offer old installations a new lease of life. Do the corrosion test.

Thursday July 10, 2014 16:40

Are you on the verge of investing in a new installation or e.g. a storage tank? With its convenient corrosion test, ECN can show you whether you can reuse an existing installation. This will help you work in a sustainable manner and save costs.

Depending on the manner of use and conditions, metals and other materials can corrode and become unusable. Despite this, reuse of installations or components for new applications is often possible. ECN tests materials to see if the life span of installations can be extended in a responsible manner or whether they are suitable for a new application.

Practical example: INVISTA
In 2013, ECN conducted a corrosion test for a storage tank of INVISTA, one of the world's largest integrated manufacturers of chemical semi-finished products, polymers and fibres. A stainless steel tank of the company was reused for the storage of an acid solution. The conditions were such that the stainless steel could corrode. ECN took a piece of the tank material, recreated the new conditions and was able to measure the corrosion rate using a potential scan. Result: it was found that the corrosion rate was not high enough to cause a problem in the new application and the tank could therefore be re-used. The test gave INVISTA sufficient confidence to make an efficient and sustainable investment decision. 

Ideal application
"ECN's corrosion test delivers more than just a 'Go' decision," explains business developer Bas van Bree. "For example, we look at the corrosion rate in relation to the temperature development. At INVISTA, we saw that the corrosion rate increased significantly at a temperature of 100 °C due to the presence of water vapour. So our advice was to remove the water vapour as quickly as possible to minimise corrosion. In addition, we also have knowledge of other solutions, such as coatings. With our corrosion and other tests, we provide practical advice about the best conditions for a new application."

The corrosion test is suitable for applying to various materials and in all sectors. Are you interested in knowing more? Bas van Bree of ECN would be happy to tell you more.

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