NORCOWE and ECN start one of the largest wind measurement campaigns

Tuesday October 15, 2013 14:12

This month NORCOWE and ECN are starting up their joint wind measurement campaign at ECN’s full-scale research wind farm. One of the most important aims is to examine the turbine wake using LiDARs. LiDAR technology is one of ECN’s key expertise. The measurement campaign will be one of the largest of its kind and run until March 2014.

Wake effects
Wake effects considerably influence the yield of wind turbines. Research and improvements in this field are therefore of great importance. This is part of the joint project of NORCOWE and ECN. The ECN vertical looking LiDAR measures the incoming wind field and the result is compared with the measurements of mast mounted cup anenometers. On one of the nacelles an innovative forward-looking LiDAR is operational, property of ECN, used for nowcasting. NORCOWE's available LiDAR instrumentation is currently in transit, comprising one Zephir forward looking LiDAR, three Windcube V1 LiDARs and one Windcube 100S 3D scanning LiDAR. The equipment will be positioned both on the turbine nacelle and on the ground,  examining wake effects. 

ECN’s LiDAR technology and wind turbine test site
ECN is the international institute for renewable energy and develops technology and services to significantly reduce the cost of wind energy, among others by using of LiDAR systems in offshore wind farms to:

- better estimate of wind resource
- realise efficient power performance assessments
- optimising turbine control
- reduction of mechanical loads in wind farms

ECN operates a wind turbine test farm in the Wieringermeer, located in the northern part of the Netherlands. This test farm consists of six test locations for wind turbine prototypes, which manufacturers can rent to test and certify their newly designed prototype wind turbines. Furthermore, ECN owns five full-scale research wind turbines for independent research. The wind conditions are carefully measured by several meteorological masts positioned around the wind turbines.

Norwegian Centre for Offshore Wind Energy (NORCOWE) is an interdisciplinary resource center for the exploitation of offshore wind energy as a natural and sustainable energy resource. The centre was founded in 2009 as one of now eleven centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME). ), and is hosted by Christian Michelsen Research AS in Bergen. The mid-way evaluation in 2013 was positive, and NORCOWE will have funding from the Research Council of Norway till the end of 2017.

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