New direction ECN: with and for the market

Friday February 3, 2012 11:48

Today, Friday 3 February, the complete Board of Directors presented ECN’s new strategy plan 2012-2015 to Mark Dierikx, Director General for Energy, Telecom and Competition of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (EL&I).

Mark Dierikx (EL&I), Pedro Sayers (ECN), Robert Kleiburg (ECN), Paul Korting (ECN)

While handing over the new plan, Paul Korting commented on the new direction of ECN and its role in the complex world of a sustainable energy system: “Sustainable energy is vitally important for the entire world. The world is changing fast and the demand for innovative solutions and smart applications for a sustainable society is urgent.  ECN endorses the need for sustainable change and is setting a new course accordingly. To realise a transition to a sustainable energy system, ECN focuses on developing applied knowledge and technology with and for the market. ECN used to be regarded as an organisation that worked exclusively for the government, but these days are over. ECN wants to take a leading role in bringing together and joining the so-called golden triad:  trade and industry, government and other knowledge institutes, both on a national and global level. ECN's new course of action fits in well with central government innovation policies. We are working together to put the Netherlands among the top-5 knowledge based economies in the world. Collaboration is the only way forward. ”

Mark Dierikx agrees and responds positively: "Wonderful to see how ECN is embarking on a new course! My first association with ECN was that of a James Bond-like environment where 'secret’ technology such as torrefaction is developed. But once you get to see the inside, it becomes clear that ECN develops important technologies. Not just for the Netherlands, but also for the rest of the world. With this new course ECN will work together with the market even more."

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