Joint CEPS-ECN workshop: Optimising electricity transmission in Europe

Monday March 12, 2012 15:24

Electrification represents a crucial element of the EU’s transition to a competitive low-carbon economy by 2050. As a matter of fact, in the decarbonisation scenarios of the Energy Roadmap the share of electricity in final energy demand is foreseen to almost double between now and 2050. A well-functioning internal market for electricity will be essential to ensure that sustainable electricity will reliably be available to consumers at an affordable price. Investing in electricity transmission infrastructure is indispensable to meet this challenge, in particular in a ‘high renewables’ scenario as recently confirmed by the 2050 Energy Roadmap.

This workshop aims to answer two questions: 1) To what extent can technological innovation reduce the need for new transmission lines? 2) What does it take to get transnational infrastructure off the ground (and thus eventually on the ground)?

Participation in this meeting is free of charge. See here for more information and registration. See here for the Agenda.