ECN starts production of CAIRE sensors to measure air quality

Thursday February 16, 2017 10:19

How clean is the air in your home and workplace? An increasing number of people are concerned about the levels of particulate matter in their everyday surroundings. How clean is the air outside, at work or at home? ECN has years of experience measuring air quality and is now making it possible for everyone to carry out their own measurements. The CAIRE and CAIRE@home sensors offer affordable measurement solutions for companies, schools and local residents.

Air quality is hitting the news with increasing frequency: from the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) smog alarm to coverage of high concentrations of particulate matter in homes after cooking. Only last week, the European Commission even announced that air quality in the Netherlands is a cause for concern. Air quality measurements in your own surroundings are becoming increasingly important to allow you to take effective measures. 

24/7 insight into what you inhale 
For years, ECN has used advanced sensors to conduct air quality measurements in industrial zones and in cities. We constantly track the developments and use the data to demonstrate, for example, how traffic congestion or industrial processes are impacting on air quality. Our input is used by companies, local residents and municipalities to reach agreements and take the necessary measures. 

To assist in also measuring air pollution closer to home, ECN has now optimised the sensors for use by, for example, companies, schools, childcare centres and local residents. These sensors make it possible for everyone to substantiate suspicions of poor air quality and to enter into proactive discussions with municipalities or local companies regarding the issue.

ECN offers three types of sensor system: 

An advanced sensor for the professional market that measures the concentration of (ultrafine) particulate matter, NO2 and ozone in an area. Companies receive an SMS message if the air quality deteriorates, allowing them to immediately adjust their operational processes. The Airbox is available with a data subscription. ECN takes care of the maintenance of the measurement devices as well as the online calibration and validation of the data. 

Measures the current particulate matter both indoors and outdoors. Particularly suited to companies and organisations, such as schools and childcare centres. CAIRE uses the same technology as the Airbox. Multiple CAIRE devices can be linked together to form a network. 

(presented at the Innovation Expo)
Measures the concentration of particulate matter and CO2 inside an office, classroom or house. When unhealthy air quality is detected, you can immediately ventilate the area. The CAIRE@home can be linked to CAIRE devices in the area. 

Online user community
The measurements taken by CAIRE are always available online or via a handy app. It is also possible to share measurement data with other users and to combine it with national data recorded by organisations such as the RIVM. Your contribution to the online community helps to create a representative indication of the air quality in your surroundings. 

Advance registration 
The first CAIRE device has already been installed. Would you like to record your own measurements? The next series will be brought into use in March 2017, and production of CAIRE and CAIRE@home will commence. For more information, use our contactform. You can also visit the Air Quality expertise page.

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