Growing interest in Hybsi® technology in Asia

Friday October 9, 2015 13:28

Chemical companies want to save energy and also improve the quality of their products at the same time. This is now possible using Hybsi® membranes, the innovative separation technology that ECN released onto the market in 2012. Two Asian parties have shown interest in this technology in recent months.

Promising tests
The Asian research institutes each contacted ECN separately. They believe the Hybsi® membrane will be useful to their clients. “The technology will be used by one of the most important chip makers in the world and a pharmaceutical company,” explains Yvonne van Delft, ECN’s innovation manager. Both companies want to be able to separate a chemical mixture for reuse. They asked the Asian institutes to determine the best methods for doing so. “The institutes are currently testing a Hybsi® membrane module at laboratory scale. The initial results are promising.”

Perspective on the Asian market
ECN is proud of the fact that the Asian research institutes prefer Hybsi® membranes to traditional liquid separation methods. Van Delft says: “Many new plants are set up in Asia, which makes the region particularly interesting for us. We have had faith in the technology for years and are eager to launch the membranes outside Europe as well.” French company Ceramiques Techniques Industrielles (CTI) and Dutch company Pervatech already have a licence for the Hybsi® technology.

Hybsi®: unique characteristics
What makes Hybsi® membranes so special is that they allow companies to use up to 30% less energy compared to traditional separation methods. “ Moreover, the purity is also higher. This combination is truly revolutionary. The technology enables chemical companies to save money and deliver a purer final product,” says Van Delft. The Hybsi® technology is an important step towards improving the sustainability of the chemical industry. The membrane remains stable even under acidic and aggressive conditions, as well as at high temperatures. 

ECN is working on further developments
The Hybsi® technology has not stayed static after its market release in 2012. “We are currently working with licence holders and industry to recycle solvents and recover valuable components from organic flows using nanofiltration. We are expressly seeking to collaborate with industry in order to ensure that the Hybsi® technology continues to respond to the challenges facing the business community.” 

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