Foundation of Windkracht Wieringermeer consortium

Tuesday June 22, 2010 16:08

Nuon (along with 27 farmers), Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) and the Vereniging van Windturbine-eigenaren Noord-Holland, groep Wieringermeer (VWNH) have founded the 'Windkracht Wieringermeer' consortium. These three parties own the existing wind turbines in the municipality of Wieringermeer. The aim of this consortium is to implement the Wieringermeer wind power plan that is being drawn up under the leadership of the municipality of Wieringermeer.
By setting up 'Windkracht Wieringermeer' the parties have specifically chosen each other. The guiding principle is to respect each other’s interests, thus safeguarding the quality of life of the polder. The organisations will jointly carry out surveys and preliminary studies such as drawing up the environmental impact report, the input into the electricity grid and economic feasibility studies. They also intend working on the opportunities for participation by residents of the municipality of Wieringermeer.  

Expanding ECN's test farm
The municipality of Wieringermeer gave the green light for drawing up the wind power plan last year, together with the Province of Noord-Holland and the Ministry of VROM. The plan consists of restructuring the existing solitary wind turbines, expanding the existing wind turbine test farm of ECN and upscaling the Nuon wind turbines, which are in a single-line layout. 
The aim is to increase the current installed capacity of 106 megawatts to approximately 200 - 400 megawatts. That is sufficient to supply green power to 160,000 - 320,000 households every year. Consequently, the Wieringermeer wind power plan would contribute towards the government's target of generating 20% of the electricity needs from renewable sources in 2020.

Category: Corporate, Wind Energy, Policy Studies