Experience the adventure of the Nuon Solar Team in Australia

Wednesday February 12, 2014 16:29

In October 2013, the Nuon Solar Team from Delft University of Technology participated in the World Solar Challenge. The Nuon Solar Team, sponsored by ECN, made a stunning documentary about their participation in the World Solar Challenge. From the 6th till the 13th of October the 16 members of the team travelled to Australia to drive the 3000 km race in the self-built Nuna7. The documentary shows the last six months of the inspiring project in which the members introduce themselves and take the viewer on a journey through their up-and-downs in the project. Curious about the fascinating documentary? Watch it here

ECN and the Nuon Solar Team
Together with the Nuon Solar Team, ECN has worked on the solar vehicle Nuna7. The Nuon Solar Team tested various solar modules with different treatments, thus ensuring the most optimal efficiency from incident light. Multiple laminates have been tested on the panels under various angles. 

Conducting measurements on high-efficiency solar panels requires highly accurate measuring equipment. One of these instruments offered by ECN is the solar panel flasher, which is able to determine the efficiency of a solar panel with high accuracy. This flasher has assisted in taking decisions on which solar panels to install onto Nuna7. It is the first time that an entirely new type of solar panel was used.

Moreover, ECN assisted with the turning and milling of mechanical parts of Nuna7. Most of the metal parts of Nuna7 have been processed in ECN’s workshop, where only R&D parts with the smallest tolerances are developed.

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