ECN is seeking a technology manufacturing company

Monday June 8, 2015 13:41

ECN's laboratories are a hive of activity with continuous experiments using the latest technology. We develop, test and refine technologies until they are truly ready for the market. For LIBRA, the big moment has arrived. The technology for converting a useless waste stream from paper factories into valuable biochemicals is available. Will you conquer the market with this unique technology?

The work on LIBRA, our Lignin BioRefining Approach, took years. Even though it seemed impossible to make lignin from biomass in a cost-effective manner, we still succeeded. "We are very proud of that. Various companies in the chemical and paper industries, among others, have already expressed interest in our technology. We are now looking for parties that possess the right expertise to market LIBRA commercially and construct the required installations on an industrial scale", says ECN researcher Paul de Wild. 

What is LIBRA?
LIBRA is a process for refining lignin, an important component of wood. Lignin has a complex structure that is not easy to unravel. De Wild: "ECN has invented methods for effectively breaking down the sticky substance that is created at higher temperatures. LIBRA makes it possible to produce sustainable aromatic chemicals for glue, bioresins, insulation materials (BioPUR), plastics, the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics or food products."

Conquering the market
"In addition to their social relevance, the paper industry can also capitalise on bio-aromatics to directly earn revenue. Residual flows from paper production are currently incinerated,  which is a terrible waste. LIBRA creates a new source of income," says Sjoerd Wittkampf,  who is steering LIBRA's market launch. "ECN developed the technology at laboratory scale, which was very successful. Now it's time for a much larger scale."

Manufacturing industry
ECN invites the manufacturing industry to participate in LIBRA's market launch. Wittkampf: "We are looking for a company in the manufacturing industry with a great deal of experience with constructing pyrolysis installations or distillation columns. ECN has already found its launching customers; now we just need a commercial company that wants to conquer the market with this technology!"

Would you like to know more about LIBRA? Please contact Sjoerd Wittkampf to discuss the possibilities for collaborating with ECN. 

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