ECN Sustainable and NRG to go their separate ways

Friday September 30, 2016 16:10

Minister Kamp from Economic Affairs announced today that he intends to separate the sustainable and nuclear divisions of Stichting ECN (Foundation ECN). ECN Sustainable will be making a fresh start as new research centre for applied research into sustainable energy, under the responsibility of TNO. Regarding NRG, an investigation will be carried out into the desirability and possibility of separating the company’s nuclear activities and historic radioactive waste. The Minister reported this today in a letter to the Lower Chamber.

In recent months, Stichting ECN has conducted constructive talks with the Ministry of Economic Affairs regarding the future of both the sustainable and nuclear divisions of Stichting ECN. This was a consequence of the Foundation’s deteriorating financial situation. We are pleased with the results of these talks. The financial arrangement agreed with the Ministry of Economic Affairs prevents Stichting ECN from filing for bankruptcy. We also share the Minister’s opinion that the separation of the sustainable and nuclear divisions offers a better future for both. In our opinion, TNO and ECN joining forces to create a national research centre for sustainable energy will deliver an important impulse in the transition towards a sustainable household. We welcome the investigation into separating NRG’s nuclear activities and historic nuclear waste and we hope that this investigation will lead to a structural financial solution in the very near future.

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