ECN signs MoU with Moroccan research institute IRESEN

Monday April 13, 2015 15:30

Joining forces on biomass, solar and wind energy

Mr Badr Ikken, Director-General of Iresen and Robert Kleiburg, COO at ECN signing the MOU

ECN has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Moroccan research institute IRESEN. The two organisations will work together in the areas of solar energy, biomass, wind energy and energy policy.

IRESEN already has a fairly strong position in the area of solar PV, as a result of a partnership they have with the Fraunhofer institute. Their position in the area of biomass, wind energy and energy policy is much less strong, but their ambition is to build up expertise in these areas. In particular, they want to utilise their Green Park premises in the south of Morocco as a site to demonstrate sustainable energy innovations.

IRESEN sees the collaboration with ECN as one of the means to achieve their ambition. This could be in the area of training, capacity building, exchange of scientific personnel, advice to set up specific programs, test fields and energy policy.

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Category: Corporate, Policy Studies, Biomass, Energy efficiency