ECN produces scenarios for the future energy mix in Dutch transport

Thursday February 20, 2014 09:13

What would a future sustainable transport sector look like? Together with CE Delft and TNO, commissioned by the Dutch ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and in consultation with involved stakeholders, ECN has drafted scenarios on the future mix of energy carriers for the Dutch transport sector.

The scenarios provide an image of the different ways in which the climate target for the transport sector of -60% CO2 emissions by 2050 can be reached, with intermediary results for 2020 and 2030. The study also indicates the impacts of these developments on costs, air quality, green growth, supply security and safety. Finally, the study provides the related conditions, e.g. in terms of required technology development. With these scenarios, a first step has been taken towards an integrated vision on the fuel mix. Developing such a joint vision on the future energy mix of the transport sector is one of the appointments in the National Energy Agreement, signed in the Dutch Socio-Economic Council in September 2013.

Read more in the full report scenarios for energy carriers in the transport sector.

If you want more information on these scenarios for the transport sector, please contact Marc Londo, senior consultant at ECN Policy Studies, +31 88 5158253. 

Category: Corporate, Policy Studies