Dutch Solar Alliance shines across the world

Friday April 29, 2016 11:03

A collective made up of Dutch companies and ECN has been marketing complete solar cell and module factories since 2015. This genuinely Dutch venture is gaining ground as far afield as Qatar, Brazil and Asia.

The stage was set for the Dutch Solar Alliance during a trade mission to Qatar in 2013. “In alliance with ECN and several other Dutch solar companies, we secured a major order”, explains Rob Pentinga from Tempress Systems. “It involved the realisation of a pilot factory for ingots, wafers and cells through to a module production line at Qatar Solar Energy. The alliance gave a boost to everyone involved, sparking enthusiasm for even more.” Royal HaskoningDHV, Tempress and ECN are the main proponents of the alliance, but are by no means alone. A range of Dutch companies[1] have a part to play: from machine-builders to project managers.

The best-value total solution, with local input
Many countries would like to use the sun as a source of energy, but have little or no photovoltaic industry themselves. This is where the Dutch Solar Alliance can step in. What makes the proposition so special is that the Dutch Solar Alliance delivers a total concept, with input from local partners. Ad Schrijvers from Royal HaskoningDHV: “We provide customers with comprehensive support in their solar energy ambitions: from the initial plans through to a fully operational factory. We offer much more than just technological consultancy services or engineering. We take care of all the project management, applying for planning permission and the construction, management and commissioning of a factory. In order to ensure that the factory can continue to run in the long-term, we explicitly opt for knowledge transfer towards local partners, in which ECN plays a major role. This is what makes our offer so attractive. You could even describe it as a unique proposition: the best-value total solution, with local input.”

Major competitors
In 2015, the Dutch Solar Alliance travelled to India and Brazil for fact-finding missions. Ad: “Together with our partner ECN, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Dutch embassies, we are exploring potential opportunities, gaining an impression of how the system works in India and Brazil, identifying potential investors and seeing what else we will have to arrange. We need to stand out from our major competitors in Germany, Switzerland and America. One of our main areas of focus at the moment is customer management. We currently have several important leads that could result in one or more factories being established in 2016. What we are still in search of is a financial institution willing to pre-finance factories. The Dutch proposition is made even stronger if we can also offer finance.”

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[1] Current partners in the Dutch Solar Alliance are: ECN for technological know-how, Tempress Systems for solar cell production machinery, Eurotron and RIMAS for module production lines, Eternal Sun for test equipment, Royal HaskoningDHV for building, utility and planning permission expertise, Lamers High Tech Systems for the complete infrastructure for gases and liquids.


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