Development hybrid tandem solar cells continues in Joint Solar Programme III

Tuesday June 13, 2017 10:24

ECN is involved in the strategic research programme Joint Solar Programme III (JSP3), that is developing fundamental knowledge of hybrid tandem solar cells with a conversion efficiency of 30% or more. NWO has recently made a €2 million grant available for JSP3.

The programme follows in the steps of two earlier hybrid tandem solar cell programmes and focuses on three challenges in the design of new tandem solar cells: 

  • Designing and producing individual solar cells and their components (among others the thin silicon and perovskite layers).
  • Optimising light capture techniques (called light management).
  • Minimising losses as a result of ‘sticking’ the two solar cells and the electrodes together.

Innovative research on solar cell technologies is not only important for Dutch academics and society in general, but also for the business community in the Netherlands. There are many innovative businesses in the Netherlands who are leading the way in the development of new technologies for the production and characterisation of high-efficiency solar cells and modules. Alongside the development of fundamental knowledge, the JSP3 programme also aims to facilitate knowledge exchange between companies and universities.

The consortium that will carry out the programme consists of teams from TU Delft (Prof. M. Zeman, Prof. A. Weeber), Eindhoven University of Technology (Prof. R. Janssen, Prof. E. Kessels), NWO’s AMOLF institute (Prof. A. Polman, Dr E. Garnett) and the University of Amsterdam (Prof. T. Gregorkiewicz). Besides ECN and its partner Solliance the companies Shell, Exasun, Eternal Sun, Levitech and Tempress Systems are also contributing resources and/or personnel.

The programme will run between 2017 and 2022. The total budget for the JSP3 programme is €2.5 million. The programme will be embedded in the national TKI Urban Energy programme in which all partners are participating.

More information 
For more information on the subject you can read the article on NWO's website, or you can contact ECN via our online contact form.

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