Chemical analysis as a key factor for correct waste hazard classification

Wednesday September 20, 2017 14:42

Waste hazard classification is an important step in complete waste management cycle. Incorrect waste hazard classification can give a lot of administrative burden and even form a negative public perception. The ECN ClassifyMyWaste™ application lists the elements whose total content is essential  to obtain a reliable conclusion on waste hazard properties.

From a high number of views and users of the ECN ClassifyMyWaste™ tool, there is an indication that the unknown content of relevant elements becomes a bottleneck in waste hazard classification and blocks a possibility to arrive at a final conclusion. 

To avoid this, check the Classification page for the list of required elements and contact us to get a non-binding offer for chemical analysis of your waste! For a reasonable price, next to consultancy on waste hazard classification, we offer you measurements of total content for all the elements needed  for the ECN ClassifyMyWaste™ tool. The precise chemical analysis is a key factor to have your waste hazard properties assessed correctly!

In particular, we offer:

  • ICP-MS analysis to determine total contents of metals in waste
  • Ion chromatography for determination of Cl, Br, SO4 and ion chromatography with photometric detection for Cr(VI) measurements
  • Flow injection analysis to determine the F content
  • Leaching tests (EN 14429, EN 14997) to determine mobility of contaminants and an advice how to immobilize contaminants
  • Advice how to assess hazard properties of your waste not yet addressed in ECN ClassifyMyWaste™ 

More information and contact
More information on our services for classification of waste products or circular economy you will find on our theme page.  You can also contact us via the contact form

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