AMOLF and ECN enter collaboration agreement

Friday January 27, 2012 14:22

The FOM Institute AMOLF and ECN signed an agreement to consolidate their collaboration. With this agreement AMOLF and ECN attempt to breach the gap between fundamental research on one side and on the other side large scale production and the actual implementation of solar cells.

Since 2010, AMOLF and ECN have worked together at increasing the output of silicon solar cells. AMOLF contributes fundamental knowledge about light management in solar cells. ECN applies this knowledge to prototype solar cells.

Robert Kleiburg, COO at ECN: “With this agreement we expand our research field to more fundamental research. It offers us the opportunity to evaluate new technologies at an early stage and to more quickly (or faster) realize technology transfer to industry.

Albert Polman, AMOLF director: “In fundamental energy research it is essential to be able to test new concepts directly in high quality solar cells. The collaboration with ECN makes this possible.”

In 2011 AMOLF started a major solar cells research program, Light management in new photovoltaic materials. This program aims at light management: the control of the collection, guiding, concentration and conversion of light at the nano scale. The research focus lies on the development of new materials and new solar cell architectures, with the final goal of creating solar cells that transfer sunlight in an efficient and inexpensive manner into electricity.

ECN works at the development of new technologies and their implementation in large scale production of solar cells and panels. The agreement brings extensive synergy advantages and new opportunities arise to strengthen the patent portfolio.

The FOM Institute AMOLF is one of the three institutes of the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM). FOM is part of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). AMOLF carries out fundamental research in the field of physics of biomolecular systems and nanophotonics, two topics that hold great promises for technological innovations. In these two themes three programs are carried out: nanophotonics, molecular biophysics, and systems biophysics. In addition, a new program will be started: photovoltaics. The institute contributes to the transfer of knowledge to industry and society and trains young and highly talented scientists and technicians.

About ECN
ECN is the largest energy research institute in the Netherlands. It has a strong international position in the areas of Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Policy Studies and Biomass & Energy Efficiency. With and for the market, we develop knowledge and technology that enable a transition to a sustainable energy system. ECN focuses its research on sustainable energy generation to develop safe, efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly energy systems. ECN also conducts research on future opportunities and economic backgrounds related to energy. 

For more information, please contact:
AMOLF, Prof.dr. Albert Polman,, +31 20 7547100
ECN, Dr Arthur Weeber,, +31 224 56 4113

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