A step closer to offshore wind energy at Borssele

Friday October 9, 2015 13:27

Developments towards more offshore wind energy in the Netherlands are progressing fast. Legal frameworks for licences, subsidies and the designation of suitable locations were established this summer. Offshore wind energy at Borssele will be put to tender in December. “This is an important step for the Dutch offshore wind energy sector,” says Hans Verhoef of ECN.

Clarity through legal frameworks
Offshore wind energy is an important pillar of the Energy Agreement. Frameworks were established on 30 June 2015 in the Offshore wind energy regulations 2015 for the purpose of implementing ambitious plans. Verhoef says: “It is fantastic that new Dutch offshore wind farms are on track. With the new regulations, we can help the industry generate affordable sustainable energy.” 

  • Important basic principles of the regulations include:The maximum amount for a single subsidy is €2.5 billion for a permit for 15 years. A minimum capacity of 345 MW is required. 
  • A maximum subsidy amount of € 0.124 per kWh has been established. The project developer is not required to provide the offshore network or the offshore high-voltage station.

Tender procedure to begin shortly
The procedure for establishing an offshore wind farm in Borssele is on track. The offshore wind energy installations are expected to generate 3.5 GW of power by around 2023. The procurement procedure will be launched on 1 December. Verhoef says: “In preparation for the new wind farm, a great deal of information has been collected on the sea floor and wind flows, as well as other meteorological and oceanographic data. Fortunately, this information can now be viewed on the website www.windopzee.nl. This can save project developers and potential tenderers a large amount of money on risky expenses prior to the definitive investment decision.”  

ECN will make data on wind measurements in the North Sea available on www.windopzee.net. On this site, you can find more information and measurement data from measurement locations such as IJmuiden, Goeree and Borssele. If are you interested or would like more information about our products and services related to offshore wind energy, please contact us.

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