ECN workshop Abu Dhabi 20 April 2015

On 20 April 2015, ECN participated in a workshop in Abu Dhabi organized by the Dutch Embassy for policymakers from the United Emirates. The workshop was to inform policy makers about the energy transition in the Netherlands, and how economic modelling can support policy making.

The following presentations were given by ECN:

Quantification and modeling for successful energy policy

Energy Efficiency, energy savings, energy policy and regulation

National circumstances in the energy domain: Netherlands vs. UAE


You can read more about the workshops ECN can offer to interested parties in this presentation.

National Energy Outlook 2014
The Dutch National Energy Report reveals that the objectives for renewable energy and energy savings have not yet been achieved, but the climate objective has, and employment in the energy sector is shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy and savings. Read more about energy policies in the Netherlands:

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