September 11, 2014

ECN control system increases wind turbine yield

Test also show that adjusting rotor blades individually reduces load by 20 %[more]

August 19, 2014

Which Smart Grids tasks and services can be performed best by either regulated DSOs or commercial market participants?

By order of the European Commission ECN together with Ecorys performed a consultancy study to shed light on this question. The energy transition brings along several new Smart Grids tasks and services in distributed electricity and gas systems in the near future. The most important new tasks and...[more]

July 22, 2014

Top 3 publications

ECN has published several reports recently. We have compiled a 'Must Read' list of the top three publications for you. [more]

July 21, 2014

The Netherlands as a research country

Dutch researchers and companies scored well in the European Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Our country received nearly 3.4 billion euros from the European research budget between 2007 and 2013. The Netherlands has performed better than other countries in this respect. [more]

July 17, 2014

Royal HaskoningDHV and ECN set to deliver the next generation wind farms

Royal HaskoningDHV and ECN have formally kicked off a collaboration for the joint development and construction support services of wind farms. The collaboration will provide a comprehensive, unique and high value service for wind farm developers and owners. The team has set out initially to focus...[more]

July 16, 2014

Solar Highways

An innovative noise barrier that generates solar energy will be installed along the A16 motorway near Dordrecht. Commissioned by the Directorate for Public Works and Water Management, ECN is developing a prototype for this noise barrier, which will be no less than 450 metres long and 6 metres high....[more]

July 15, 2014

Highest certification for biomass pellets

Many a company, coal-fired power plant and household uses biomass pellets as fuel for energy generation. ECN has succeeded in producing biomass pellets with the highest possible certification of ENplus-A1. The pellets – which are made of giant reed – comply with the strictest standards in terms of...[more]

July 14, 2014

Looking to optimise your offshore wind farms and clusters?

Design tools for future wind farms revealed![more]

July 10, 2014

Offer old installations a new lease of life. Do the corrosion test.

Are you on the verge of investing in a new installation or e.g. a storage tank? With its convenient corrosion test, ECN can show you whether you can reuse an existing installation. This will help you work in a sustainable manner and save costs.[more]

July 9, 2014

Evidence for the successful commercial application of biorefining

Biorefining can be successfully used for the production of commercial products. Without competing with food production, wheat straw and rice straw can be converted into plastics, adhesives or resins. This evidence was delivered by ECN and its partners in the European BIOCORE project.[more]

July 7, 2014

Save-the-date Back Contact Workshop 2014

After last year’s successful MWT workshop in Freiburg, ECN and ISE warmly invite you to the Back Contact Workshop on back contact solar cell- and module technology (Amsterdam, 13-14 November 2014). [more]

July 4, 2014

Feed Valve – the alternative to a load lock system

ECN, the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, has developed an innovative new patented technology called Feed Valve for the introduction of solids, liquids, gases and mixtures into flasks at pressures of up to about 50 bar and temperatures in excess of 200°C. It achieves this without loss of...[more]

July 1, 2014

ECN very active in first Horizon 2020 call

Horizon 2020 is the new European Union research and innovation programme and is the follow-up of the KP7 program. In Horizon 2020 European companies, universities and technology organisations are involded. ECN is participating in many of the project proposals made for the first Horizon 2020...[more]

June 26, 2014

Integrated CATO2 knowledge prepares for the next step in CO2 Capture & Storage

At the 7th Dutch symposium about CO2 Capture & Storage (CCS) on Thursday June 19th 2014, the first copy of the book ‘Linking the Chain’ was presented to Bert de Vries, Deputy Director-General Energy, Telecom and Competition at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The book, written by Rolf de Vos...[more]

June 19, 2014

Dutch people opt for greenest solution to reduce CO2 emissions

ECN research points to dilemmas concerning use of fossil energy[more]

June 16, 2014

NAMAs are here to stay

Over the past six years since their introduction, Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) have stimulated a lot of strategic thinking and activity and continue to be a dynamic and evolving mechanism. They are still very timely and present an important paradigm shift by providing a way for...[more]

June 12, 2014

Grand opening of the Solliance building for solar technology on the High Tech Campus, Eindhoven

An advanced laboratory for developing thin-film solar cells is an enhancement to the ELAt region[more]

June 12, 2014

DSM joins the Solliance CIGS research program for high performance solar modules

Royal DSM, the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company, today announced that it joins the Solliance CIGS Research program. It has entered into a 3-year agreement to participate in this alliance that focuses on developing new solutions for solar modules. DSM is already developing...[more]

June 12, 2014

Qatar Solar Energy opens 300MW integrated PV manufacturing plant

The first vertically integrated PV manufacturer in the MENA region, Qatar Solar Energy (QSE), has officially opened a 300MW PV module production plant, located in a Doha industrial zone, Qatar.[more]

June 11, 2014

Charcoal for the perfect barbecue

Europe’s largest charcoal factory is in south-western Ukraine. Under Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) supervision, Polyprom transforms low-quality wood into excellent charcoal for your summer barbecue. ECN is helping the company to improve its product and to work more efficiently. As a result, we...[more]

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