March 29, 2017

Joint Industry Project on gravity-based structures for offshore wind turbines in full swing

What happens when gravity-based support structures are installed in rough sea conditions? What is the cushioning effect of the soil during touch-down? How will the dynamic response of the foundation be in transport when towed? And what is the impact of the various logistic strategies to the cost of...[more]

March 24, 2017

ScanFlow performs unique wind turbine inflow measurements for better modelling tools

Wind turbines are being designed based on models predicting yield and loading. These models are as good as the data with which they are validated. Therefore, a higher accuracy of reference wind measurements will result in more accurate models, and thus better wind turbines.[more]

March 10, 2017

VoltaChem is looking for high-tech component suppliers for superior electrolysers

Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem is looking for companies that have technologies in house which can improve the lifetime of electrolyser components. With an electrolyser, it is possible to make hydrogen out of water through the use of electricity. The demand for hydrogen is expected to increase...[more]

March 7, 2017

New ADMETALFLEX 130 prints high-quality metal materials

Admatec Europe BV and ECN will present the ADMETALFLEX 3D printer at the Additive Manufacturing User Group  conference in Chicago later this month. This new 3D printer, member of the ADMAFLEX series, delivers metal printed components with high-quality material properties and, compared to...[more]

March 2, 2017

ECN’s integral modelling techniques ensure monopiles are solid support option for 10MW wind turbines

Offshore wind farms are contributing increasingly to the sustainable energy targets of European countries. A new generation of 10 MW wind turbines will be rolled out in the near future and the trend towards larger turbines is likely to continue. For long it was believed jackets or other foundation...[more]

March 2, 2017

Major solar panel order for Dutch machine builder Tempress

Long-term alliance with ECN reaps its rewards[more]

February 28, 2017

How will CCUS reinforce the European steel industry? CATO/ECN event announced!

On 19-20 April 2017, CATO and ECN will co-host the two-day conference ‘Reducing the carbon footprint of the steel industry’.[more]

February 16, 2017

PDENH and ENGIE new partners in biomass energy plant Ambigo Alkmaar

A positive decision by the Investment Fund Sustainable Economy North-Holland (PDENH) and ENGIE to become partners represents one of the last steps towards the creation of Ambigo, a unique and innovative biomass gasification plant in Alkmaar. Gasunie New Energy, Royal Dahlman and ECN had already...[more]

February 16, 2017

ECN launches LiDAR Calibration Facility at ECN’s wind turbine test site

Using LiDAR for turbine and windfarm measurements is becoming more accepted. In order to be bankable and trust worthy however, it is important to calibrate the LiDAR before and after the measurements are taken. For this reason ECN introduces the LiDAR Calibration Facility: a world class facility...[more]

February 16, 2017

ECN starts production of CAIRE sensors to measure air quality

How clean is the air in your home and workplace? An increasing number of people are concerned about the levels of particulate matter in their everyday surroundings. How clean is the air outside, at work or at home? ECN has years of experience measuring air quality and is now making it possible for...[more]

February 7, 2017

ECN partners with voestalpine, Siemens and VERBUND to build one of world largest pilot facility for green hydrogen

ECN, with partners voestalpine, Siemens, VERBUND, Austrian Power Grid (APG) and K1-MET have received Horizon2020 funding to construct and test one of the world’s largest electrolysis plants for producing green hydrogen. The plant will be built and operated on the premises of voestalpine in Linz,...[more]

February 1, 2017

Energy saving membrane technology ready to go to the market

ECN has developed an exceptionally stable membrane which can separate liquids, such as water or methanol from a solution rich in organic compounds. This separation can replace distillation in a range of industrial processes, saving up to half of the energy. This new membrane technology is now...[more]

January 31, 2017

Improving wind farm output through smart blade tips

Much more offshore wind power plants. That’s the future of wind energy. It means that today’s challenge for the industry is to design efficient wind farms instead of solitary turbines. ECN and LM Wind Power are working on innovative blade tips to improve offshore wind park yields. The results are...[more]

January 30, 2017

Developing a platform to give a broad push towards Industrial Heat Pump Implementation

For a sustainable and future-proof process industry, it is vital to reduce the CO2 footprint of industrial processes. Heat pump technology will play a major role towards realizing this reduction. A number of barriers need to be removed to unleash the potential of industrial heat pumps at large...[more]

January 27, 2017

Dutch expertise helps Malaysian ambitions in the reuse of palmoil residues

ECN is leading a consortium of Dutch enterprises with a mission to develop sustainable solutions for Malaysian palmoil residues. The Palmares consortium was launched late December 2016.[more]

December 22, 2016

ECN brings access systems offshore wind turbines together in new overview

The report Offshore Wind Access 2017 brings together existing and under-development access systems for offshore wind Operation and Maintenance (O&M). For the first time, an overview of available access systems has been compiled to show the recent developments on offshore wind access and how...[more]

December 22, 2016

New models for next generation wind turbines

In the last 20 years wind power capacity has been growing rapidly. Within a couple of years turbines became more efficient while costs relatively decreased. The ever-increasing size of the rotors is an important cause for the cost reduction. However, it becomes increasingly difficult to design such...[more]

December 15, 2016

ECN develops energy-saving and cost-effective technology for industrial heat storage

The LOCOSTO project aims to develop solutions for industrial heat storage systems in the 100-250°C temperature range that are both technologically and economically feasible. They will enable industry to save on energy and costs.[more]

December 13, 2016

European Waste Classification threatens the circular economy

New European legislation may mean that a large quantity of waste may no longer be used as building material, but must be dumped as hazardous waste. [more]

December 13, 2016

Important role R&D in current trend towards lower cost offshore wind parks

Response ECN to results Borssele 3&4 tender[more]

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