ECN at Materials 2015 – Corrosion analysis for your application within one week

On 22 and 23 April, Materials 2015 takes place in Veldhoven. In this unique trade fair with conference, visitors are informed about and inspired by developments in (new) materials, heat treatments, analysis technologies, materials analysis, surface technologies, joining technologies, recycling, scarcity, failure research and specialist materials processing. This year’s theme: Engineering the future!

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We gladly explain our offer for testing, analyzing, and developing materials. Our multidisciplinary teams, with experts in failure analysiscorrosion analysis, materials science, joining techniques, and surface treatments are operate in various fields. ECN experts examine design, choice of materials, manufacturing, materials processing, and use. In case of failure, ECN experts advise on the best solution, further process optimization and preventing future failure.

ECN presentation ‘Saving on corrosion costs’ 

On Wednesday 22 April at 14:15 hrs Erik Schuring, materials expert at ECN, will deliver a presentation on application-specific, accelerated corrosion testing. He will explain how these tests can help curtail the costs of corrosion. Do you have any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

ECN performs corrosion analysis for your application within one week

ECN has a unique facility for electrochemically accelerated corrosion testing under conditions relevant for your specific application. Corrosion is a systemic property – choice of material combined with environment, media, and use will determine whether corrosion takes place. Standard tests such as salt spray tests do often not sufficiently represent actual conditions. ECN’s unique facility will provide you with a fast result that does represent your siutation, including insight in the related corrosion mechanism and advice on how to effectively prevent corrosion. Optionally, we will develop a comparison with standard tests, so that you may replace these (partly) with electrochemically accelerated tests.
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Laser surface structuring

ECN has elaborate laser facilities and expertise to develop new applications, such as surface structuring and cutting very fine structures. We have unique expertise in texturing brittle materials such as ceramics.
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