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Goal of the site:

This site is intended to serve as document server of the ECN Wind Turbine Test Site Wieringermeer. The documents and information related to EWTW and the experiments/projects carried out are included for unambiguous retrieval of information.

Projects at EWTW

The research turbines at ECN Wind Turbine Test Site Wieringermeer are used for many projects. The measurements support the more fundamental research. The projects that are carried out at EWTW are summarised in the reports describing the EWTW meteorological database (EWTWM) (see below). This database collects the meteorological data measured at the various masts.

ECN Wind Turbine Test Farm Wieringermeer (EWTW) - Photo by Leo Machielse

Information on EWTW can be found on www.ecn.nl

Public Reports:

  • P.J. Eecen and J.P. Verhoef, EWTW Meteorological database Description June 2003 - May 2007, ECN-E--07-041
  • P.J. Eecen, J.P. Verhoef, EWTW Meteorological database: Description June 2003 - May 2006, ECN-E--06-004 .
  • P.J. Eecen, M. de Noord, EWTW Meteorological database: Description June 2003 - May 2005, ECN-I--05-007 .
  • P.J. Eecen, S.A.M. Barhorst, H. Braam, H. et al., Measurements at the ECN Wind Turbine Test Location Wieringermeer ECN-RX--06-055 .
  • L.A.H. Machielse, P.J. Eecen, H. Korterink, S.P. van der Pijl, J.G. Schepers, ECN test farm measurements for validation of wake models , ECN-M--07-044
  • L.A.H. Machielse, Validatiemetingen EWTW. Eindrapport ECN-E--06-062

Research turbines at ECN Wind Turbine Test Farm Wieringermeer (EWTW) - Photo by Sam Barhorst

NEW: ECN Scaled Wind Farm

ECN has realised a scaled wind farm with an extensive measurement infrastructure. The scaled wind farm consists of 10 (relatively small) 10 kW turbines and it is located at the EWTW test site between prototype site 2 and 3. This scaled wind farm has a dedicated purpose for research, especially research on wind farm effects and innovative methods to increase the output of a wind farm. However, also research on wind turbine improvements could be tested in this wind farm with relative ease, as long as the issues are scaleable.

Research turbines at ECN Scaled Wind Farm in Wieringermeer - Photo by Peter Eecen

In order to perform the research, the wind conditions must be measured in great detail, therefore four 18.9 meter high meteo-masts and ten 7.5 meter high meteo-masts. The turbines as well as the meteo-masts will be equipped with sensors which will be measured for a prolonged period. The ten met-masts of 7.5m height are equipped with a single 3D sonic anemometer on top. The four met-masts of 18.9m height will be equipped with four 3D sonic anemometers at four different heights and in addition, three cup anemometers and three wind vanes at three different heights.

The windforcast for Den Helder (20 km NW of EWTW)

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