Policy Studies

For the transition towards a sustainable energy supply, citizens, companies and public authorities need to make other choices; choices that focus on changes in behaviour and technology. But what are the best choices and how do you ensure that these choices are actually made? And how do you ensure that there is support for these choices and that these ultimately also deliver benefits? ECN is pre-eminently suited to give advice on the subject. We help by making things clear and cataloguing the most cost-effective solutions. We also give appropriate advice as to which policy instruments and strategies should be implemented.

ECN solutions

ECN recognises and understands the dilemmas that need to be overcome to achieve a more sustainable energy supply. We supply independent advice about sustainable energy management to private parties, national government authorities and the European Union. We also help in determining the right choices in relation to costs, preferences and other conditions.

Our consultants come from various backgrounds; we employ engineers, economists, social scientists and environmental experts. This enables us to integrate all relevant policy aspects in our advice, which is why we really are in a position to provide the best solution.

We have identified and listed both national as well as global energy trends, helped develop strategies and analysed and proposed policy instruments. Our goal is to use sound advice to free the way for well-considered decisions on climate and energy issues.

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