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From R&D, technology licensing, consultancy, measurements and testing, to the design of a complete wind farm, ECN’s unique range of services offers real added value throughout the wind energy supply chain.

ECN’s clients in the wind energy supply chain

Our most important clients and principals are: 

  • Wind farm designers, owners and operators
  • Turbine manufacturers
  • Governments and local authorities
  • Investors and venture capitalists 

ECN’s wind energy products and services

ECN’s wind energy products and services can be divided into two categories: development and exploitation of wind farms.

1. Wind farm development:During the development stage, ECN can assume the leading technical role and even provide the entire design for the wind farm.

2. Exploitation of wind farms:There is always room for improvement. There is scope for improving the efficiency and reducing the running costs of almost all wind farms currently operating.

ECN’s services include the following options for improving the efficiency of existing wind farms:

  • On-site measurements
  • Wind Farm Control
  • Innovations in operation and maintenance
  • Improving turbine efficiency
  • Making new technology available more quickly 

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