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ECN is continually innovating, researching, optimising and developing to deliver new wind energy processes and concepts.

Research into the potential of offshore wind farms

ECN’s R&D department supports the development of offshore wind farms, from scouting for locations to actual operation. Our research covers the following: 

  • Scouting for locations and researching meteorological prediction models
  • Research into meteorological masts, measuring equipment and remote sensing
  • LIDAR research for the support and eventual replacement of conventional meteorological masts
  • Public acceptance and environmental issues such as bird monitoring, noise levels and characterisation of social sites 

Optimisation of wind farm design

ECN’s research into optimising offshore wind farm design has a two-pronged approach:

1. Maximising energy production from offshore wind farms by: 

  • Optimising the wind farm design
  • Gaining insight into wind conditions and implementing wind park monitoring technology 

2. Cost savings through optimising the design of the electricity network and offshore-onshore connections by:

  • Assessing the integration of large offshore wind farm clusters and grid interconnections in the system
  • Improving technologies for increasing turbine reliability
  • Maximising energy production and planned lifetime
  • Carrying out R&D on integral design, superior aerodynamic performance; advanced wind turbine monitoring and measurements (combined with decision-making support)
  • Research into new technologies and methods in the wider and integral context of offshore wind farms to reduce the costs of wind energy further 

Optimisation of wind farm operation

ECN is a world leader in R&D with regard to the operation, maintenance and asset management of offshore wind farms. 

  • Our Operations & Maintenance tool (for calculating O&M costs and optimising strategies) has grown to become the standard in the sector
  • We produce daily wind power forecasts for onshore wind energy
  • We carry out R&D using integrated O&M and weather information to improve the forecasting capacity of offshore companies and clusters 

Instruments and models

For all areas in which ECN is active, tools for accurate simulations have to be developed. 

  • Tools developed by ECN are used in a range of collaborative projects.
  • The tools are thoroughly validated before being integrated in online design processes. 

Innovative drafts and designs

The process of up-scale optimisation is an essential aspect of reducing the costs of offshore wind energy. 

  • ECN keeps an open mind, challenges the conventional and leaves nothing untested when it comes to innovation.
  • Do you have an idea that you are convinced could have a positive effect on the wind energy market? We would love to hear from you! 

You can read more about ECN’s work in this field in our brochure on wind energy and in our research programme.

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