March 18, 2016

Calling clean tech companies with growth ambitions in Africa: join ECN at the African Utility Week!

Clean teach companies looking to expand to Africa now have the opportunity to position themselves as part of a Dutch network of innovative experts on the water-food-energy nexus during the African Utilities Week (AUW) from 17-19 May 2016 in Cape Town.[more]

March 10, 2016

ECN and WMC join forces to improve the provision of material research for industry

ECN and Knowledge Centre WMC are set to cooperate even closer in material research for industry. The expertise of both organisations in material knowledge and research are highly complementary. This makes it possible to support industry from design through to application and make available the...[more]

February 18, 2016

Materials engineering as part of design phase

A wind turbine installed on land requires different construction materials to one installed offshore in corrosive seawater. Likewise, the material used for a biogas storage cylinder will depend on the temperature and composition of the gas. So a smart choice of materials is essential to the success...[more]

February 11, 2016

EOLOS FLS200 successfully validated for offshore wind measurements

Last October 2015, the EOLOS FLS200 successfully completed a 6-month validation campaign next to the IEC-compliant IJmuiden offshore meteorological mast in the North Sea. The campaign has been carried out in collaboration with RWE Innogy and under the framework of, and supported by, the Offshore...[more]

January 11, 2016

Floating LiDAR technology cost effective solution for offshore wind farm development?

The business case for offshore wind farms relies on accurate wind resource assessments. Today, the most accurate wind data are generated using offshore meteorological masts, which are very expensive. An alternative is floating LiDAR technology potentially providing a cost effective solution. This...[more]

July 24, 2015

Dutch government on track for Borssele offshore wind tenders

ECN considers some key points from the latest addition to the regulations framework [more]

June 8, 2015

'Merging' on the energy highway

Sustainable energy sources are becoming increasingly important. The number of solar panels in the Netherlands doubled last year. A success? Certainly, but now the time has come for fossil and sustainable energy sources to 'merge' on the energy highway. ECN assists businesses and governments with...[more]

May 13, 2015

Floating train at 2000 km/h set to store 10% of Dutch electricity

ECN's Energy Train could revolutionise the world of energy storage[more]

March 25, 2015

JIP on installation strategy leads to award at EWEA Offshore 2015

In 2014, ECN within the Dutch FLOW “industrialize installation” project in cooperation with IHC (as project coordinator) and Van Oord and Ballast Nedam (as project participant) developed a logistics and planning tool for offshore wind installation. ECN Install is a planning tool that can be used...[more]

September 23, 2014

New ECN control system will increase the yield of wind turbines

ECN introduces an advanced control system that individually adjusts wind turbine blades. This makes it possible to construct larger wind turbines that generate up to 13% more energy. [more]

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