Wind Energy

Globally speaking, wind energy is of the fastest growing forms of sustainable energy production. The continued growth of wind energy presents enormous technical, industrial and political challenges. ECN plays an important role in providing solutions to these challenges.

ECN’s role in the wind energy challenge comprises:

  • Developing new technologies
  • Advising industrial partners
  • Advising governments and investors

Our aim is to achieve:

  • A reduction in the costs of wind energy
  • An increase in the returns on investment 

ECN clients

Today’s major challenges in the wind energy sector are presented by offshore wind. So most of ECN’s wind energy clients are those involved in initiating, developing and exploiting offshore wind farms. This is currently our main focus of attention.ECN has 40 years of experience providing unique wind energy solutions for clients throughout the entire value chain. These include: 

  • Wind farm developers, owners and operators
  • Manufacturers
  • Investors
  • Governments 

ECN solutions

ECN’s unique wind energy solutions range from designing the most important hardware and software for the individual wind turbine, to the optimisation of the entire wind farm.

ECN also has extensive testing infrastructure, both land-based and offshore, allowing fast and reliable validation of the many technologies involved.

ECN services

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