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ECN works with businesses to develop new technology for solar energy and improve existing solar panels: crystalline silicon and thin films. There are enormous opportunities for further cost reductions, performance improvements and growth in volume.
Solar energy continues to be developed and improved. With its research partners, ECN is exploring the possibilities for completely new, potentially highly efficient and low-cost types of solar cells and panels. Research into new applications for solar energy is also high on the agenda.

Two programme lines 

ECN's research is based on two programme lines that reflect the priority areas of the Solar Energy Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI):

1. Technologies for solar power generation 

  • Wafer-based silicon PV technologies
  • Thin-film PV technologies

2. Integration of solar power systems 

  • Physical integration 
  • Electrical integration 

Support programme

Alongside its research based on these programme lines, ECN has a support programme to develop knowledge for: 

  • Advanced measurement technologies and simulation models
  • Programme renewal: exploring new research areas and technologies

You can read more about ECN's work in this field in our brochure about crystalline silicion and thin-film solar cells and in our research programme. 

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Solar energy

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