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ECN offers unique services that offer great added value to the solar energy supply chain and associated industrial partners. From R&D projects and technology licensing to consultancy and complete solar panel factory design.

Who does ECN deliver its products and services to?

ECN's most important clients are: 

  • Solar panel manufacturers
  • Suppliers to the solar energy market
  • Government authorities
  • Investors 

What producst and services does ECN offer?

The products and services that ECN offers are divided into two phases: the solar energy roadmap phase and the roadmap realisation phase.

1. Solar energy roadmap phase
In the roadmap phase, ECN takes a leading role. We work with the client on a future-proof plan to develop solar energy within a business, a business cluster or a country.

The roadmap culminates in a plan of action to achieve a leading role in the solar energy chain or part of it. In Qatar, ECN has developed a specific roadmap and taken responsibility for designing the R&D infrastructure.

2. Realisation phase
Improvement is always possible. In almost all solar energy sectors, it is possible to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

ECN offers various options to improve the efficiency of existing solar panel factories:

  • Factory inspection and technology due diligence
  • Factory optimisation
  • Process innovation in the manufacture of solar cells and panels
  • Improving solar panel efficiency
  • Enabling faster access to new technology

Tip: you can find more information about the due diligence services we provide on the tech due diligence page

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