Research & Development

Research and development at ECN is done in a variety of ways.

  • Research on commission: on the orders of of companies and government authorities, both national and international.
  • Through public-private sector collaboration, which takes place in the Energy Priority Sector and in European research programmes. This is pre-competitive research. Read more about our research programmes in the various TKIs on the page Energy Research.
  • Exploratory research to develop new ideas and concepts to assess whether they would then be interesting for application in a public-private sector joint effort.

ECN distinguishes itself through its state of the art knowledge base, and by conducting effective and efficient research. Our research results in innovative solutions for your specific energy requirements. This may range from providing customised solar power solutions or assessing the energy efficiency of your production process. You are also in safe hands with ECN if you are looking for high quality advice in the field of energy and climate matters.

Our research and development programme focuses on the following areas of expertise: