Practical solutions

Businesses are looking for practical solutions that contribute to improved and efficient business processes. ECN can assist with this. We distinguish ourselves with our integrated approach and our insight into the entire value chain, without losing sight of the individual links.

When it comes to engineering, you can rely on us for the most wide-ranging matters. Our experts are there to think along with you. You can use our extensive range of equipment and our highly-trained technicians can help you to create pilot runs, small series of specialist equipment or prototypes.

Creativity, flexibility and collaboration characterise our way of working. 

State of the art laboratories and test facilities

ECN does not restrict itself to creating technology, we also have unique state of the art laboratories, test facilities and measuring instruments. You can come to us to have your products and/or materials tested, analysed and assessed. We can also come to your premises to carry out on-site measurements and research.

It goes without saying that research institutions like ECN do not restrict themselves to reliable standard analyses. ECN also develops innovative solutions for measuring experimental systems.

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