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Reliable advice and good support is indispensible when developing and implementing and energy strategy. ECN provides independent expertise and realistic strategies for your future energy system. Our advice is evidence based and built on the calculations and in-depth research we have carried out for the Dutch government and the EU. This makes ECN consultants the ideal partners to help you draw up an effective energy strategy for a future-proof energy supply.

We help organisations to develop a realistic energy vision, to back this up with reliable statistics and to show specific ways in which this vision can be best implemented in line with their strategy. Our principle is “More sustainable where possible, but above all realistic in terms of the organisational and external context.”

What are the best choices for you? And how can you ensure that these choices will be made? How do you create a support base for these choices and make sure they lead to actual benefits?

ECN provides answers to these questions and more, by:

  • Providing insight into and highlighting the most cost-effective solutions for energy issues
  • Advising on which strategies and policy instruments can be used and how  

ECN expertise and solutions

ECN is familiar with and understands the dilemmas that need to be overcome when considering the switch to a sustainable energy system. The unique expertise provided by ECN is grounded in:

  • Our researchers, who have a wide range of backgrounds, such as engineering, economics, social sciences and the environment
  • Our use of the latest quantitative and qualitative research methods,  high-end data collection technology and advanced analysis instruments to guarantee the best  management information

This enables us to provide:

  • Independent advice on sustainable energy systems to private parties, national governments and the European Union
  • An analysis of national and global energy trends
  • Assistance in developing strategies and putting forward and analysing policy instruments
  • Assistance in determining the right choices with regard to cost, preferences and other constraints
  • Advisory reports in which all relevant policy aspects are integrated.

Results of models provided by  ECN provide the foundation for the energy policy and strategies of major industries, the EU, the World Bank and many national governments.

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