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Good advice is vital when making the switch to sustainable energy. ECN consultants have the necessary expertise to give this advice. Their advice is backed up by a range of products, services and solutions which are suitable for individual and integrated processes. The Dutch government uses results supplied by ECN as the basis for its energy-related policy decisions.

Assessing the current energy regime

ECN uses advanced technology to assess the current energy regime of a country, region or organisation in order to provide businesses and policymakers the information they need to make  good energy management decisions.

Identifying constraints 

ECN’s long experience in developing policy and strategy and its insight into international trends places it in a unique position to identify the constraints involved in switching to a sustainable energy supply. We combine the ambitions and goals of our clients with our expertise to produce a constraint analysis that gives insight into the feasibility of the switch. 

Analysis of solutions and instruments

Once the ambitions and goals have been made clear and the constraints have been analysed, a portfolio of solutions can be put together. We work together with our clients to define the best solutions and develop practical instruments. ECN also provides insight into the short and long-term costs and benefits of the solutions offered. 

Monitoring and evaluating solutions and instruments

It is important to regularly monitor and evaluate the chosen solutions and instruments both during and after implementation to be certain that they are producing the desired result. ECN has an array of tried-and-tested tools that use measurement data and data sources to provide you with the necessary insight. 

Models for quantitative analysis

ECN uses unique models to determine the consequences of proposed measures on energy use, costs and emissions. These models enable us to give our clients a complete and integral picture of what their proposed measures will lead to. 

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