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At ECN Policy Studies we conduct research for our clients on a sustainable future for energy systems and energy policy. This research is organised around a range of themes and key areas which are explained in more detail below. 

Energy and climate policy

The Dutch government and the EU make full use of calculations provided by ECN and regularly call upon us to produce energy and carbon emission projections. ECN also calculates how these projections affect the energy mix, costs, savings and employment.
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What is the true cost of wind turbines and solar panels? What are the social costs and benefits? Is biomass as sustainable as it is made out to be? ECN supplies relevant and up-to-date hard data to governments, industry and social organisations so that they, and you, can make decisions with confidence.
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Energy and society

ECN has a long history of carrying out socio-scientific research to support energy policy. ECN researchers work hard to provide answers to such questions as: What motivates people to save energy? And what makes people choose a sustainable product?
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Energy in the built environment

Our extensive studies give ECN researchers an unsurpassed overview of energy use in the built environment. Our clients in national and local governments at all levels use the detailed models provided by ECN to form strategies for realising energy savings in their built environment.
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ECN carries out research into ways of making the transport system more sustainable, whether it be transport by road, rail, water or air, as well as the mobile plant used to build and maintain the transport infrastructure. We look to the future and research the role of vehicles powered by biofuels, electricity and hydrogen.
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International energy scenarios

To provide our clients with insight into energy technologies of the future, ECN sketches scenarios for energy, climate and the economy, covering Europe and the world. An important aspect of these scenarios is how to make energy cheaper.
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International energy and climate policy

Developing countries offer unprecedented opportunities for realising a sustainable energy supply. Our experience helping countries as diverse as Ghana, Kenya and Indonesia to develop expertise and capacity enables us to provide tools for stimulating economic development, combating poverty and increasing access to energy worldwide.

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Read our 'International energy and climate policy' publications.

Electricity markets and networks

ECN develops European scenarios to determine the future of electricity production, networks and transport flows. These scenarios show the extent to which renewables can be used in the electricity network, the technology required to achieve this and how much it will cost, taking into account relevant present and future legislation.
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Gas markets and infrastructure

ECN works together with the major players in the market to explore the role of natural gas in energy systems of the future. We are also exploring the role of green gas and shale gas as well as ways of ensuring the reliability and affordability of gas supplies and the role the market can play in this.
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